“Can something that’s not real exist? It can if you’re young enough, imaginative enough or if your name is Buster Canfield... reality is no match for magic, masks and puppetry ”


“After hearing that one of the young audience members was himself a budding magician, Woolfe came all the way up into the audience where I was sitting and encouraged the youngster to show him a trick. The kid did – and did pretty well, I might add – with Woolfe cheerfully playing the amazed innocent as the illusion progressed. It was so charming and kind, and the young fellow felt so pleased and proud of himself afterward, that I found myself hoping hard the show woud be as pleasing and kindhearted as the interaction I saw in the audience, and was glad to see that it was.”


"You probably know Eric Woolfe and his company, Eldritch Theatre, for dark, funny puppet works like Madhouse Variations, Grendelmaus and The Babysitter. With an adjunct company aimed at family audiences, Pocket Carnival Productions, Woolfe's created a new character, circus impresario extraordinaire Buster Canfield, ...Woolfe's a great improviser, able to keep up a rapid patter and have a wonderful interaction with his audience as he works on the various flea stunts with the participation of viewers. You won't find a more engaging sideshow carny."



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